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Country: Spain

Brand: FYNE Language School

Agency: Lola

Creative Director: Chacho Puebla & Jorge Lopez


Origami Font by Guan Pucha 

Chinese characters constructed with folding paper:

Character and paper, paper and character.
Through the special method of paper folding to make the covert from paper to character, this is feasible for the Chinese character that with long history and complicated.

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Opens Tomorrow, Mar 3, 6-8p:

Writing in the Rain
 FX Harsono

Tyler Rollins Gallery, 529 W20th St., NYC

Harsono has been a central figure of the Indonesian art scene since the early 1970s. The position of minorities in Indonesia, especially his own Chinese Indonesian community, has been a major focus of his work as he investigates his own family history and the way it reflects broader issues in Indonesian society.

Writing in the Rain centers on a new video of the same title, a stark depiction of the artist with an ink brush writing his name in Chinese characters as rain slowly washes the ink away. It is a powerful meditation on loss, remembrance, and the endurance of personal and cultural identity. A series of seven paintings features images taken from the video with added quotations from legal documents, poetry, and books relating to the history of the Chinese Indonesian community. - thru Apr 14